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Euroflex Monster


Why use expensive, harmful chemicals on your floors when you can clean, sanitize, and deodorize with Monster!?

The Euroflex Monster is a powerful steam machine that cuts through dirt and grime with the heat, and power of steam! Perfectly safe for children and animals, it is a must have in any household!

The Euroflex Monster is well known for being the only pressurized steam mop that will not void the warranty on newly purchased laminate / hardwood flooring, and is amazing at removing those pesky streaks and footprints left on laminate finishing!

One of the key features of the Euroflex Monster, is the stainless steel boiler system. The heating element (unlike many traditional steamers) is located on the outside of the water basin, not within. Meaning there is no more calcification and clogging issues with heaters!

The Monster comes with:

2x micorfibre floor pads

1x microfibre carpet pad

1x carpet glider tool

1x 250ml funnelled measuring cup

1x parking pad

1 year household use warranty

And of course, the peace and mind of knowing the areas we walk upon are safely cleaned and sanitized without the use of harsh chemicals!

 Regular $199.00

Introductory Price: $179.00