iClebo – Intelligent Cleaning Robot

WELCOME THE iCLEBO OMEGA - The New, Super Powerful, Intelligent Cleaning Robot.

"Introducing one of the world's most powerful robot vacuums on the market. Omega lives up to its reputation for power and performance. Innovative navigation sensors, jam resistant technology, and one-of-a-kind Turbo Mode lets Omega clean each room with more effectiveness and efficiency".


5 Step Cleaning System: Can Schedule Cleaning And Select Multiple Path Programs.

Improved Suction Power: System Enables Collecting More Particles.

Enhanced Cleaning Coverage: With Intelligent Mapping System

Elaborate Side Brushes: 2 Side Brushes

Smart Sensor: Deep Cleaning and 19 Obstacle Detect Sensors

Ultra Powerful Motor: Designed To Last More Than 10 Years

Intelligent Turbo Mode: Self Adjusts Suction Power Depending On Flooring

Cutting Edge V6 Blade: Prevents Itself From Getting Stuck With Tangled Hair

Adjustable Climbing Height: 19/32": Its Gets Around The House Easily From Carpets To Hard Surfaces

Various Cleaning Modes: Auto, Maximum, Spot

Slim Design: Only 3.42" in height and 6.83 Lbs

2:1 Vacuum and Wet Mopping: With The Infrared Remote

For additional full details, please visit the Omega website - https://iclebous.com/shop/iclebo-omega.html