Portable Vacs

Portable Vacuum Cleaners For Your Everyday Cleaning Tasks!!!

New or Used

Of course we sell a great variety of new name brands. You might be surprised to know that you can also purchase quality used vacuums through us as well! Come in and see our showroom - we can find the right vacuum for you!

A Variety of Price Points

Not only do we carry a variety of style and brands of vacuums. We also carry vacuums in a variety of price ranges to suit any budget!!!

A Wide Variety to Choose From

At A & J Vacuum we sell a wide variety of both residential and commercial vacuum cleaners! Some of the brands we carry include Fuller Brush, JohnnyVac, and our Top of the Line - Sebo units. As well as commercial lines, Numatic, and Centaur.

Typically upright cleaners are great at cleaning carpets but not as effective as cleaning bare floors, hard to clean stairs or getting under furniture. Canister models are better for multi-purpose cleaning.

We encourage all our customers to come into the store to speak with us directly about any of our machines, and receive a free demonstration on the use of any (or all) of our cleaners.

The tried, tested and true quality - Sebo

Why Sebo?
Made in Germany, Sebo offers the worlds best vacuums cleaners. They are built with quality, and ease of use in mind. Sebo caters to the residential user, and empathizes with pet hair removal!

Sebo E Series Canister
As Sebo states, "The patented airbelt is of a very light, but high-impact material and can absorb shocks well. The airbelt ensures that your walls, furniture, and the vacuum itself, are protected. Many other features facilitate the work. Strong suction, slim shape, high energy efficiency, and low noise make the Sebo Airbelt E a pleasant cleaning companion in your every day life". (1) Backed with a 10 year warranty, you can bring your new Sebo home with the peace of mind that you have made a great purchase.


E1 Canister

E1 (White) Perfect for the home that has minimal carpet (an area rug or 2), and no pet hair to worry about. As the introductory unit to the Airbelt E line, it is the most basic and price friendly, but still packs an incredible amount of suction power for those every day vacuuming job. The brush head on this unit is a combo tool, where the bristles of the floor brush retract to easily glide over your carpeted areas. With a nice long cord, and quite motor, cleaning power, and 10 year warranty, the Sebo ET1 is a very attractive buy at $449.95 (plus tax).






E2 Canister

E2 (Dark Blue) includes all of the basics as the above ET1, however the floor tools are now separate. This unit comes with a nice soft floor tool for all your hardwoods / laminate / tile flooring, as well as an air turbine, driven by the airflow of your machine. Designed for people who have a slight amount more carpeting, with some pet hair to more aggressively pick up, or for someone who just wants a more deeper clean of their carpets, all while saving some money compared to the electrical lines. The ET2 retails for $549.95 (plus tax).





E3 Canister

E3 (Dark Grey) is the superior version of the E1 and E2 machines. This machine features the same reliable body as the previous E1 and E2 machine, however is powered with  electrical components to accommodate Sebo's premium, top of the line power nozzle. The power nozzle comes complete with features such as carpet height adjustment, a carpet clean indicator (will turn on if not hitting the carpet properly), a simple style removable brush roller, and a strong geared belt designed to last the life of the machine. The cord integrated telescopic wand is an attractive feature that allows a custom height setting, allowing its user to remain in an ergonomic and comfortable position while using their vacuum. No more sore backs after household vacuuming! The Sebo E3 canister retails for $899.95 (plus tax).





Sebo D Series Canister


D4 Canister

Equipped with many extras, the Sebo Airbelt D4 will make your life easier! Its "suction optimized" airflow pathway, together with its one of a kind tapered hose technology, provides ultra quiet operation and amazing suction power. The ergonomically designed handle offers unmatched user comfort and smooth operating maneuverability. Every detail expresses the highest quality, modern design, reliability, and the standard features that SEBO customers throughout the world have come to expect, such as S-class hospital grade filtration and long lasting motor life. The SEBO D4 has a 50ft cleaning radius, 6L filter bag, LED suction power indicator, bumper guard to protect walls and furniture, telescopic wand with integrated power cord, suction control on the handle, on board accessory tools, 4 fully rotating castors, and a long lasting motor life! The D4 is Sebos superior vacuums cleaner that has impressed all its buyers with both functionality, and longevity! The Sebo D4 Retails for $999.95 (plus tax).



Upright Sebo - Felix




Designed for carpets, the stylish Felix offers all the flexibility of a canister vacuum in an upright position. It has a flex neck with amazing maneuverability, an ultra modern filtration system and a detachable suction unit that becomes a hand held vacuum. The height adjustable power head deep cleans carpets or can be turned off to clean delicate rugs. The Felix also has a parquet brush for hard floors, or it can morph into a polisher using the disco head (not included). The brush roller automatically shuts off if jammed and a light illuminates if it is set too high or is worn down. All the features of a canister vacuum, in a preferred upright position for $649.95 (plus tax).





(1) Sebo Brochure (2017)