Central Vac Add-Ons & Accessories

At A & J Vacuums we try to stock many varieties of packages to compliment our central vacuum line. Whether you are installing a brand new unit in a new house, or want to add an extra one to your home for convenience, we have a package that can suit your needs!

Air Kits

Garage Kit - A basic package that is great for the garage, workshop, unfinished basement, or for someone who just wants a very plain, additional hose for quick pick ups on higher surfaces, or bare floors. Comes with 30' plain hose (no switches), dusting brush, upholstery tool, crevice tool, and a hose hanger. $59.95

Basic Air Kit - A great kit for the homeowner who has no carpeting in their homes, for the exception of a couple low pile area rugs, and no pet hair. This kit comes with a 30' low voltage hose (has 2 way switch to turn vacuum on / off), 1 telescopic wand, dusting brush, upholstery tool, crevice tool, bare floor brush, flip flop combination tool, and a hose hanger. $149.00

Deluxe Air Kit - All the same components as the above basic package minus the combination flip flop tool. Instead we add a bit more of an air drive nozzle that is a bit more aggressive on low pile carpeting and more suited for pet hair on minimal amounts of rug. $189.00

Electric Hose Packages

We have decided to simplify the way we assemble our electric hose packages in our best efforts to maintain great quality, while saving our guests a bit of money. All of our hose packages contain the same hoses, and accessories, with our customers choice of power nozzle. Each electric hose package includes:

35' dual voltage hose (3 way switch controls vacuum, & power nozzle)

Deluxe Floor Brush

Deluxe Dusting Brush

Deluxe Upholstery Tool

Deluxe Crevice Tool

Set of Telescopic Wands

Set of Aluminum Detachable Wands

Hose Hanger

Customers Choice Of Power Nozzle (Listed Below)

1 Year Warranty On Hose Electrical

Basic Butler Package $329.00 - Our basic electric package that is best suited for someone with very minimal carpeting that may still need the electric aggression to lift stubborn pet hair, or for someone who wants a thorough clean of area rugs, runners, or a couple smaller rooms with carpeting.

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Large Butler Package $399.00 - An upgrade from the butler package, this power nozzle can accommodate a house with multiple piled area rugs, as well as wall to wall installed carpeting. Works great for agitating pet hair and has the added feature of height adjustment; great for the home with multiple styles of carpeting!

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Sebo Package

White (corded) with standard wand $549.00 with 10 year warranty

Black (cord integrated) Sebo wand $599.00 with 10 year warranty

The most superior package that we carry in our store, the Sebo power nozzle has all your needs covered. For the person who has lots of shedding pets, children that leave crumbs around, has lots of carpeting, vacuums every day, or multiple times a day, this would be the power nozzle for you. The Sebo, German made nozzle, contains a kevlar geared belt with a lifetime warranty, a lexon plastic agitator that is removable without taking the unit apart, a clogged line access port, height adjustment, integrated cord in the wand, and a sensor to tell you if its at the correct height for your carpet. This power nozzle alone comes with a 5 year registerable warranty, and upon registration, Sebo themselves extends the warranty to 10 years! That is unheard of for a stand alone power nozzle!